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Currently Under Construction

Don’t be alarmed, we aren’t going anywhere. We are currently working on our website’s design and products. In the meantime please feel free to reach out via Facebook, Instagram or email.

Masks Are Now Mandatory

Everyone has their own opinions on Covid-19 and the new mandatory mask rules that have been put in place but I’m not here to debate on it. I am currently offering non-medical face masks with a design of your choice on it. I have children and adult sizes available and will be making some more within the next week. If interested please feel free to message me on Facebook ( or on Instagram ( .

We’re Back!

It may seem as though we have disappeared and in a sense, we kind of did. While we may not have been as active on here and Facebook as we would have wished, we were still around for the holidays pumping out some amazing gifts and treats for all.

Last you have all heard, K was born and we spent our first Christmas in our new house. Life became hectic after that last post and we were trying to adjust to a new location and having 3 children (miss A was also born last year).

We found out early this year that we are expecting another little bundle of joy that will be arriving late in October this year. Life is hectic, we all know that; some are better able to handle it all, myself…well, time spent with family was more important and it was just what I needed.

As promised, I have sourced out some new and exciting items. We have stuff for everyone this year. Parents, kids, brides, grooms, the wedding party, etc. We will also be introducing some new Christmas items to add to our collection. We’ll also be introducing a few more new items once things settle here a little more. Here’s a sneak peak!

The Holidays Are Done

Christmas has come and gone, it was an amazing holiday this year. Don’t get me wrong, every year has been amazing but this year was just a little bit more special. It was our first Christmas all together with our latest daughter being born. This was our first Christmas in our very first home. That’s right, our very first home.

With the Christmas holiday season over comes new ideas for crafts. I will be updating my site with new products and removing some items that have not sold that well. With new product comes some great ideas for those who are planning on getting married this year or are planning on getting engaged in the new future.

This includes proposals for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, gifts for the bride and the groom, gifts for the parents of the engaged couple and so on.

We’re excited to be bringing some new items and products to our shop and hope to be crafting for you soon.

The Holidays Are Coming

Summer is slowly coming to an end, the kids are dreading that school is about to start (or has started) while the parents are cheering for it to start already.  With school starting all of my favourite holidays are just around the corner!  Thanksgiving, Halloween and of course, Christmas!  I can’t wait to get started on my holiday crafts and help you make your holidays a little extra special with unique gifts, home decor and family traditions.

Santa Sacks, Ornaments, Trick or Treating bags, clothing, Tree Skirts and stocking for all (yes…even the pets) have been added to the site.  Along with creating all these fantastic items, I look forward to helping you all create the special unique gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer (although where I am from, it’s already fall weather) and I look forward to bringing you some truly amazing products!

Change is coming

It has definitely been awhile since I have updated this site or brought in new products.   Let me introduce you to our newest member of the family, K.



With the birth of our newest daughter and a move 8 hours away, I haven’t really had time to keep this site updated.  Well I’m hoping that is about to change.  We are almost all set up here in our new location and have been looking at re-branding.  That means a whole new fresh name, logo and new products.  We’ll continue to provide some of our customer’s favorite products but are excited to be bringing in some new items.  So make sure you keep an eye out for updates via Facebook, we’re hoping to have our new site up and running soon.

Wishing You All A Happy New Year!


First and foremost, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  I hope you all had a great holiday filled with love, joy and fun!  I know it has been forever since I have updated this site and well with the New Year just around the corner it’s time for me to announce my New Years Resolution!

I definitely have a few goals that I hope to achieve this year and most of them are surrounded by my new adventure in this lovely business.  I look forward to bringing you all new and exciting products!  I look forward to keeping this site updated.  I look forward to making this my go to platform for selling.  But most of all I look forward to creating those special gifts for yourself and your loved ones and making this my best year yet!

With that being said and with keeping on topic our newest additions have to do with the #1 New Years Resolution that most people make yearly.   Losing weight.  Here is a quick sneak peak that will be added to the site shortly.


Happy Mother’s Day


I love that we set aside a whole day to honour and celebrate the women who raised us but let’s be honest with each other, we should be celebrating our Mother’s everyday. My Mom is an amazing woman who dedicated her life to her three children. She is selfless yet strong and the most beautiful woman I know. She worked hard but always had time for us growing up and still to this day!

Mother’s Day holds a special place in my own heart because of the little one who made me a Mom. I love waking up to her every morning, I love receiving home made gifts from her. These are the moments that remind me motherhood is a gift, and fostering this little girl’s growth is my favourite job of all.

If you’re struggling with coming up with a gift for your Mom, feel free to look around our shop.  We have some great gift ideas and as always, would love to help you create something truly unique.  Also don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.  This week we’re offering 15% off of our website shop.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!


Creative Vinyl Vision is now LIVE!

First and foremost WELCOME!  Welcome to our newest store and venture into business.   We still have a ton of items that need to be added to the site but like Rome, this online store will not be built in a day.

With opening up the store I want to offer everyone a chance to celebrate with us and also to save!  If you decide to shop with us, here’s a 10% off coupon if you purchase through the store!  Just use the code GrandOpening10 with a minimum purchase of $20.  This coupon is only valid for a few weeks and then will be gone.  Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be guaranteed special coupons and be the first to know about new and upcoming products.

Thanks again everyone for all of your support.  If it wasn’t for you, this site and my products wouldn’t exist today!