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We’re Back!

It may seem as though we have disappeared and in a sense, we kind of did. While we may not have been as active on here and Facebook as we would have wished, we were still around for the holidays pumping out some amazing gifts and treats for all.

Last you have all heard, K was born and we spent our first Christmas in our new house. Life became hectic after that last post and we were trying to adjust to a new location and having 3 children (miss A was also born last year).

We found out early this year that we are expecting another little bundle of joy that will be arriving late in October this year. Life is hectic, we all know that; some are better able to handle it all, myself…well, time spent with family was more important and it was just what I needed.

As promised, I have sourced out some new and exciting items. We have stuff for everyone this year. Parents, kids, brides, grooms, the wedding party, etc. We will also be introducing some new Christmas items to add to our collection. We’ll also be introducing a few more new items once things settle here a little more. Here’s a sneak peak!

The Holidays Are Done

Christmas has come and gone, it was an amazing holiday this year. Don’t get me wrong, every year has been amazing but this year was just a little bit more special. It was our first Christmas all together with our latest daughter being born. This was our first Christmas in our very first home. That’s right, our very first home.

With the Christmas holiday season over comes new ideas for crafts. I will be updating my site with new products and removing some items that have not sold that well. With new product comes some great ideas for those who are planning on getting married this year or are planning on getting engaged in the new future.

This includes proposals for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, gifts for the bride and the groom, gifts for the parents of the engaged couple and so on.

We’re excited to be bringing some new items and products to our shop and hope to be crafting for you soon.