About Us

Welcome to Twinkle Creations webpage, we're so happy you're here!  Twinkle Creations is owned and operated by Jennifer Peckins and is located in a beautiful small town of northern Ontario called Cochrane.



Jenn is a wife, Mom, Nurse and Owner/Designer of Twinkle Creations.  As of 2020, Jenn and her husband have four amazing girls; an 8 year old, a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old.  In 2014, she was given her first craft cutter for Christmas, a Cricut, and from there, she started a business personalizing and customizing products for retail customers. 


Creative Vinyl Vision was launched in 2015 on Facebook.  Jenn had to take some time away and slow down during her next few pregnancies and with their move back to her hometown.  Despite not being active on social media, Jenn continued to make items when she found the time.  During this time, Jenn expanded and moved into different medium of products.  Jenn realized that she needed to rebrand to match her creations and relaunched as Twinkle Creations.

While Twinkle Creations still works with vinyl and heat transfer vinyl, we are not limited to that anymore.  Many of our designs can be done by sublimating them directly onto specialized items making them permanent.  We're constantly working on adding our new items and we look forward to working with you.